S’more’s Pit Sponsorship

S’more Pit Sponsor – $100 level. As a S’more Pit Sponsor your business, family or church would be featured with signage at the entrance to the performance area. Your contribution would help towards the purchase of lighting and décor for the area. (As a sponsor for this area you may be asked to make additional purchases of s’more supplies and wood, and supply volunteers to assist patrons with s’more making.) Benefits Include: (SOLD)
• Signage at the entrance to the area
• Mentions in posters and all publicity materials.


Your donation of $100 will go towards the purchase of lights and décor for the FirePit area. The sponsor may also supply the chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, roasting forks and other items needed for this family fun experience. The Create-A-S’more FirePit is located within Santa’s Candyland Village area.




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