Pioneer Valley High School

At Pioneer Valley High School Teacher Mandy Birkholz had students gathering in her classroom at lunchtime just to hang out with their friends and talk to their favorite teacher. Ms. Birkholz invited the BStrongLife team to come and get to know the students and so we began bringing pizza at lunchtime and just sharing conversation with them in early November of 2018. By late Spring of 2019 the paperwork was completed and BStrongLife was officially on board at PVHS. Our initial meeting place was a smaller classroom shared by Ms. Birkholz, but this year we move to the 500 Building. This spacious building seats more than 300 students and with more than 200 students in attendance at our end of year PVHS club party we hope to see many more great years at PVHS. Teacher Advisers Mandy Birkholz and Rogelio Ordonez will be overseeing the club that meets every Monday at lunchtime in Building 500.